Johnathan M. Tebeau

I currently hold a role as Staff UI Engineer at a company in Dallas and I have over ten years of experience. My career path has taken me from a small start-up company I created in 2005 to several multi-billion dollar global corporations. I can say I truly love my job and what I do - i'm very passionate about growing my skill sets and learning newer technologies to help improve my day to day operations.

3+ years experience in leading international QA and development teams.

My portfolio consists of clients such as Google, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Verizon, Sprint, Facebook, etc.

Front-End UI Development Experience With:

CSS3, Sass, HTML5, jQuery, Handlebars, Yeoman Workflow, Bower, Grunt, Responsive & Mobile Friendly Development

Project Management Experience With:

JIRA, Confluence, Huddle, Basecamp, Github (Workflow / Version Tracking)

Familiar With:

Backbone, Require, CoffeeScript / Javascript / JSON / Node JS

Contact me today: 469-955-0269